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Episode #403- Nothing Outclasses Hustle! Interview with Jared Lichtin!

April 1, 2015

Realtor® turned Attorney Turned Investor!

There are many paths to a life in real estate.  Chances are, you didn't grow up thinking to yourself "I want to be a real estate investor when I grow up!"  If that is you, then the paths we all take to get here are varied, and our stories are all equally fascinating.

Then I Met Jared...

As many of you know; here on The Red Pill Investor Podcast as well as TenMinuteSkill, I am always trying to find you the most useful, up to date information I can to help you in your sales journey! 

Jared Lichtin is a great guy currently in the "Wholesaler Hotzone" that is the State of Ohio.   If you have been living under a rock, or don't get out much, the State of Ohio has made some significant changes in the way they are approaching wholesaling Investors in their state. 

I recently met him on BiggerPockets, and I discovered that he has a fascinating story!  As a former Realtor®, Attorney for the "Big Oil"; he was a hired gun to help secure their assignments, as well as rights in 3 states.  

He shares with me a all too familiar story about how we have to face ourselves every day; and make a choice...  

Apologize, or Get Busy

He Got Busy!

As a lifelong entrepreneur, he quickly made a choice that has significantly changed his life... in a positive way.

If you have ever faced that tough choice, of what to do... follow your dreams or keep chained forever... you will see how he faced it.

A Unique Podcast! 

In a "never done before" DUAL Podcast, we have a brief Skype conversation about some of the most important topics of the day. Including, but not limited to:
  1. The current legal climate of Ohio Real Estate
  2. How, and more importantly WHY a seemingly brilliant lawyer "threw it all away" much to the chagrin of his parents!
  3. Why building "Beer Bongs" at 15 is actually a symptom of a coming prodigy... and how to nurture it.
  4. Building a Lifestyle vs. a Career (Four Hour Workweek Style)
  5. Why the "Hotel by the Airport" seminars are often the worst possible thing you can do.
  6. How "Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction."
There is just so much information and content from both an Attorney perspective (No Legal Advice Given!), as well as a Broker Perspective on what you need to do to be successful NOW!

This is a dual podcast, it is being simultaneously released to both The Red Pill Investor Podcast as well as Jared Lichtin's Podcast called "Flip"!

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Have a Powerful Sales Day!