The Red Pill Investor

Episode 405- Setting And Getting Amazing Goals In Real Estate!

April 8, 2015

Goal Setting in Real Estate!

It can be a balancing act! Between your responsibilities in life, your career, your health, and more, it can feel like a massive juggling act!

While I can't speak too much to your life, or health decisions, I can give you some pointers on how to set some amazing goals for yourself, but more importantly, how to achieve them!

Too Much Mountain Dew?

You might call me crazy, but in this podcast, I will outline some very good ideas that I've accumulated over nearly 19 years of blood, sweat, divorces, and tears! 

You can certainly avoid becoming a "real estate statistic" by taking some hard won advice, that I've learned that will help you get whatever goal you set before yourself!

Here's What You Will Learn! 

In this action packed episode, you will get tremendous insights on the nature of real estate sales.  Here's just a smidgen of what I wrote down!
  1. What You Think About, You Bring About! A careful examination of mindset, and how it factors into your success!
  2. Timeline Your Dreams.  If you think about it, goals are nothing more than dreams with timelines.  Learn 5 things you must master to be successful!
  3. Why we have the smartest desks, and the dumbest actions!
  4. What the REAL Problem is in Real Estate... Spoiler alert! It's NOT lack of leads!
  5. A 3 Step "Secret of Success" that all the Top Producing Agents and Investors know... seldom taught; this formula will guarantee any Real Estate goal (if followed exclusively!) 
  6. A solid, workable plan that you can implement today to help achieve your amazing goal!
I hope you enjoy it, I really enjoyed recording it!  If you know anyone else who would like to hear something like this, would you do me the honor of sharing it on your social network???

Thank you in advance!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!