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Episode 406- Should You Get Your Real Estate License? Actual CALL!

April 11, 2015

Should You Get Your Real Estate License?

That is a common question!  Aside from the obvious benefits of being licensed...

(Access to MLS Deals, Expired and Cancelled Listings, as well as comparables and more!)

There is yet ANOTHER super benefit of being an agent!

Free Advance Notice!

Would you like to know about potential deals in advance?  

Deals BEFORE they come on MLS?? As an agent, this happens to me all the time... it's just THIS time, I recorded it!

Listen in as a licensed agent in my area calls me, and tells me about an incredible deal coming on the market in advance of the MLS.  

Now you might be saying to yourself..."There are no deals on MLS"... 

To which I reply "Nonsense!"

There's Nothing a Huge Price Drop Won't Fix

Turns out there is a glaring motivational issue with this Seller... If you are a Premium Podcast Plus Member, listen in as I go through the entire call gaining information, motivation, and ultimately, the Seller's Bottom Line! 

If you aren't a member of Premium Podcast Plus yet... What are you waiting for??? 

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