The Red Pill Investor

Episode 408- How to Set Effective Boundaries For Your Real Estate Business!

April 15, 2015

Setting Boundaries...

It's never a lot of fun, nor is it very comfortable having them intruded upon!  If you are a Realtor® who Invests, or a Wholesaling Investor, you know!

In this episode however, I am going to give you a easy to remember, and simple to practice plan to avoid disaster in your Real Estate Business.

Your Real Estate Business Plan for Success!

In this 18 minute episode, you will learn the following!
  • How To Get Your Weekends Back! (Especially for Realtors®!)
  • How to Build Massive Credibility
  • A Dialogue for simple "renegotiation"
  • and much more!
When you think about it... your success or failure in your business will depend on your ability to successfully follow this simple to use plan!

Take Control Of Your Life!

In just a few short minutes, I guarantee that you will leave pumped up, and ready to take on your day!  Learn a "brain dumb" hack that will give you a quantum leap in your production, as well as your happiness!

How To Add 25 Deals To Your Production!

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Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

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