Lead Generation for Realtors and Investors

Do you struggle with generating leads for your real estate business? Believe me.. I understand! In this episode, you will hear six different prospecting calls and how we handle the various objections they have and find leads that we can work with!

Meet my new "friends!"

  • "The Market Is Changing" Guy...
  • "I have to choose between two places" guy..
  • "Call My Husband!" / "How Did You KNOW we were thinking about selling?"
  • "Multiple Property Nate"
  • "Mrs. Friendly"
  • "Why yes.. I do want to sell."

Do People Avoid Your Calls?

Have you considered changing your "Just Sold" approach?  Listen in as I use TheREDX Storm Dialer and "GeoLeads" system... and just WATCH how things change!

If you would like to check out "The Red Pill Sales System" Book I mentioned, click here! 

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