The Red Pill Investor

Telephone Prospecting LIVE for Realtors Who Invest! Episode 514

May 24, 2019


The US Justice Department sends out an "Investigative Demand" looking for irregularities and commission antitrust actions!  Home Price Growth Slows to its LOWEST Level since 2012, and Katy Texas homeowners find 7 inches of water, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in their Hurricane Harvey ravaged home.  After 17 years of living near a resevoir, they were shocked to discover it overfloods! 

These stories, along with cold calls, expired calls, and FSBO's are all part of this one hour long Prospecting Session!

Consistency is Key!

It is important that you prospect EVERY day.. you NEVER know what will happen or when you will come across the right person, and you must be READY!!

Listen in on this prospecting session and pay particular attention to the FSBO homeowner and how she explains why she is considering listing her property today, and what were the reasons why she chose to stop being a FSBO!!

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