The Red Pill Investor

Wholesaling With A License! Episode 512

May 23, 2019

Can Realtors Wholesale Real Estate?

I've been asked this question many times... and obviously, The Red Pill Investor Podcast was designed for that purpose!  To help answer this important question!

In today's episode, I take a question from a listener from BiggerPockets about this issue.  It seems as though his "alphabet boi" company is giving him some trouble about wholesaling, and his real estate investing.. and he writes in!

Is Water Wet?

You know.. we tend to forget that because we are Realtors, we are somehow unable to exercise our basic Constitutional rights to enter into contracts!  Then, to compound matters.. we don't accurately explain what we are doing to our Brokers!

Follow along with me as I share a few thoughts about this often asked question.. and what YOU can do to help yourself in your real estate wholesaling and retaill career!