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October 9, 2014

What Is The Red Pill Investor all about anyway?

The Red Pill Investor Podcast is devoted to teaching Wholesaling Investors Real Estate Sales Skills as well as specific skills for Realtors® who invest. It was formed by a small group of investing wholesalers and Realtors® who wanted to discuss alternative forms of Real Estate sales in a non-judgmental forum.  

By the application of specific real estate sales training in skills, Investors using our system report greater success!

Who is John Ashley?

John Ashley is just a pseudonym that I use to record the podcast.  People throughout our history have used pseudonyms to satirize, critique, and lambaste the current "established order."  

Public figures such as Benjamin Franklin himself (Silence Dogood was one of his many pseudonyms) have used alter egos or pseudonyms to effect change.

As Wholesaling (for Realtors® in particular) is a distinctly different skill set than that of the Listing or Buying agent, I thought it prudent to at least speak as openly as possible while retaining relative anonymity.  

What is more important however, is the fact that the podcast is not about me, or my skills, or my 18 years experience in the Real Estate game. Rather, it is about you.  Your growth, and your ability to "Pay it forward".

What is TenMinuteSkill?

TenMinuteSkill is the blog I designed to accompany this podcast.  As many of our podcasts are ten minutes in length, I nicknamed them "Ten Minute Skills" and the name stuck!  You can find even more free downloadable information about it by clicking here!