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Real Estate Investing For Realtors®

June 15, 2019

Real Estate Investing For Realtors®!

If you are a Realtor® who Invests, or is starting real estate investing; then you definitely want to listen to this podcast!  Especially episode 524!!  In this short episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, you will learn about the latest book I have written to help Realtors® who are trying to begin their investing careers by using wholesaling as a starting point!

A Lack Of Reliable Information

For Realtors®, most of the information about wholesaling (assignment of contract) is inaccurate for our use because of the Code of Ethics.   Perhaps even you have thought about getting a license because of the obvious advantages; yet were dissuaded because of the "hassles."
It is true, that in the past, there was a lack of reliable information.  However, thanks to the Internet, and time; we have experience and more knowledge to be our guide. In this book, you will find links to applicable Ethics sections, Law, or contract information.

A Treasure Trove For Investing Realtors® 

Inside this EBook, you will find dozens and dozens of links to real life situations, transactions, phone calls, and training.  Not only will you have the written words of the book explaining step by step how to integrate Wholesaling into your Real Estate Business; but real life examples of how to solve those problems!

How do you convert a wholesale lead to a listing? Covered!
Over 26 methods of ethical lead generation; how to flip Active MLS properties, Short Sales, Expired Listings and more.  

Learn the actual language I use in every contract to protect me legally as well as educate the customer.
How to find a Broker that will help you in your quest, as well as keeping the peace from jealous agents who hate you.

23 Years Of Real Estate Experience Shared...

To my knowledge, there is no other book available on the market today that will help the Investing Realtor® begin their wholesaling career, or ensure that they avoid trouble with their Broker! 

Included in this EBook are the mistakes I've made, the ones I've avoided, as well as the changes I see on the horizon.  You can get 23 years worth of experience... for $25.  

I appreciate each and every one of you who help support the podcast! 



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