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Specialist Training

April 29, 2019

Want to know more?

I've tried to design the Podcast and SellmoreHomesNow (my YouTube) channel to try to address the more common issues Real Estate Investors (especially Realtors) face.... 

I try to get you 99% there.. for free.


I know that sometimes it helps to hear things personally.. or have a consultation to help sort things out! 

I do offer different options to help make the transition from where you are now.. to where you want to go...

The Premium Podcast

The Premium Podcast is special podcasts that are not available to the public due to their sensitive nature.  Many times, it may be a specific tactic that I am using in my marketplace... or a recorded conversation that will allow you to be a "fly on the wall."

$19 a month will allow you unlimited access to the Premium podcasts that I have already put out.. and every one that comes out in the future!   Your subscription helps offset the costs of Podbean, and bandwith...

Click here for Premium Podcast

Individual Consulting

Are you a Realtor looking to put the pieces together as an Investing Realtor?  There isn't much out there these days for agents like us.  If you are looking for individual help on implementing investing into your Real Estate business.. I can help.

Consultations are $250... and we will talk over the course of a month on specific ways to help you.. have your business be what you want it to be..

$250 goes to feed hungry kids... mine! 

Click here for consultation!

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