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Sales Scripts v 6.0

May 24, 2019

Sales Scripts for Wholesaling!


Although it is common for people to have a set of words, or ideas to convey that they collect in a script of some sort, and use repeatedly... this script book is far beyond that!


In 59 pages, I outline for you the most common sales situations that you will find yourself in.  I give you powerful ideas, words, closing techniques and more to help you in your sales journey!


The previous 5 versions of this Script Book, have been an enormous success! I've given away hundreds, if not thousands over the years.


However, this script book is much different! 


The Why... The How... and The Who...

They all play an enormous part in your success in prospecting!


Over the years with The Red Pill Podcast, I've discovered a few things. 


If I teach you how, you will take action, and win!


Included in this script book are over 4 webinars (over 4.5 hours worth of education) linked to particular sections that are relevant.


Dozens of links throughout the book to additional resources, podcasts, videos, or articles I've written on the subject of prospecting.


Trust me... you will not find a more complete approach to scripting when it comes to wholesaling investment property... either as a Realtor® or Investor! 



Available Scripts!


I have completely re-formatted, as well as clarified the original scripts that you may have been using.  These scripts are not a departure from our original, but certainly a cleaner, clearer, easier to remember version.

Included are powerful quotes from Mike Ferry, Floyd Wickman, and myself to keep you going!


Here's some of what is included in the 59 page Script Book!


  • Center of influence Generator
  • Center of Influence Script
  • Prospecting Resources
  • Seller Lead Sheet
  • For Rent By Owner
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Expired/Cancelled Listings
  • The "Specific Person"  Approach
  • Lead Followup Script
  • Stock Questions for Lead Followup
  • Pre-Qualifying Script
  • The famous "Pawnshop Presentation"
  • Power Closes
  • The Top Ten Objections Handled
  • Listing Conversion Track
  • Call Track
  • Pre-Qualifying the MLS Deal
  • Script for Title and Attorney
  • Direct Mail Scripts
  • and much more!

Truthfully, you could look throughout the Internet for sales skills training, as well as scripts for wholesalers.  However, you won't find it.  It just doesn't exist.


For a mere $10, you will get hours of education, and if applied properly, could result in a massive benefit! 

Order Now! 

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